I Am Not A Hippie


It’s 2016 and what have I accomplished in my life? I am a college graduate with no plan who works at my parents hardware store harassing old men and selling tools. Why start a blog now? “Blogs are a thing of the past” and “No one reads those anymore” have rolled around my mind more than once. But do you know what? Fuck those people. Everything goes by so damn quickly nowadays, it’s all about speed: Snapchats disappear after 1-10 seconds, Vines are 6 seconds, Instagram photos are a moment in time. It’s all so fleeting and it feels as if we aren’t trying to make an impact anymore, but rather make a brief statement and disappear into the cybersphere. It’s time to make blogging great again. I want this platform to serve as a multifaceted place where I can share my style, travels, thoughts, and general things, because this small corner of the web will be my legacy. That sounds kind of sad doesn’t it, but alas, I shall attempt to win you over with my charm, wit, and delectable style.

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