I remember this outfit because it was the day my lovely housemate Katie and I were wearing opposite outfits, her in all white, and me in all black.  We were at the supermarket picking up food because that’s how we roll, and an older gentlemen comes up to me and asks, “I know that your friend is dressed up as Little Bo Peep, but who are you dressed up as?”  Trying to be respectful because this man does not know my life I responded with, “We actually dress like this everyday, and she’s actually dressed as Prince.”  He basically did an awkward, “Now I feel like a dumbass” comment and left.  So if you see someone dressed differently, don’t assume it’s a costume.  Being educated on fashion is being educated on subcultures.

Unif Relic Hat:  No longer available

Top:  Borrowed from Katie

Black Skinny Jeans:  American Eagle

Wellies:  Germany

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