Hollywood Starlet on a Budget

I’ve never wanted to live in a cardigan as much as I want to live in this one.  It’s the softest damn thing I’ve ever touched, even if it looks like a shag carpet.  This outfit was inspired by those vintage Hollywood photos.  There was one of a woman who had this gorgeous jewel encrusted turban, a large fur wrap, and a silk dress.  I opted for a handmade turban, a shag carpet cardigan, and a striped cotton dress, because I couldn’t afford silk, I don’t own any fur, and this handmade turban is pretty sweet if I do say say myself.  The beautiful Katie took this photo, and it was kind of cute, one of the guys who is part of the maintenance crew on campus walked past and I asked if my turban was straight. He said it was, and then continued to ask me if Katie and I were dressed up for a special occasion.  Wisconsin is a funny place like that.  If you aren’t wearing athletic wear, you must be dressed up for something.  I’m completely fine with this, because even my laziest outfits look put together.

Turban:  Thrifted

Nasty Gal Rose Gold Choker:  No longer available

Forever 21 Striped Dress:  Thrifted

Zara Cardigan:  Germany

Ankle Boots:  Thrifted


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