No Power? So Many Problems

It’s been two weeks, how is that even possible!?  I’ve been running around like a madwoman with barely the time to finish the book I started.  Did you not check into the blog? I have been to Chicago, Nashville, back to Chicago, then up to Washburn, Wisconsin, and I’m not done traveling yet!  Still have on last trip to Baltimore.  I apologize again for the lack on content but I promise I’ll get a bunch of stuff out this week before I leave yet again!

This particular Story Time is going to be about a particular instance that happened just a few days ago.  Now in case you aren’t completely familiar with every obscure town in Northern Wisconsin, Washburn is a small town by Lake Superior, very close to Ashland and Bayfield.  It’s a quaint little place with a cute little downtown area with a few shops and restaurants, and one grocery store.  Most of the population lives out of the town and in the surrounding woods area, this includes the cabins my family and my best friends family rented out for the week. So the events that transpired will make more sense.

We had a huge thunderstorm at around 4 am on Wednesday morning.  Not a big deal, we’ve been there for storms before, but when we awoke, we saw the damage.  The telephone line near us had snapped completely in two, trees had been pulled completely out of the ground, trees had snapped in half breaking power lines, and the entirety of Northern Wisconsin had lost power, including us.


Cute side story, my dad was attempting to make coffee and the coffee maker wouldn’t turn on, so he tried to get a pot of water to heat up on the stove, except no power means no running water, and no stove.  The struggle for caffeine was so real that the parents made a trip into the local grocery store where they luckily had a generator, and a liquid that resembled coffee.  This being said, when power returned the sink was shooting out water and the coffee maker turned on.

So there we all were, in cabins in the woods, with no electricity or running water.  Not too big a deal right?  There was Lake Superior right out our back door for bathing and an Artisan Well that we could get fresh water from, it wasn’t like we would die or anything.  It was like surprise camping, or something.

The downside: couldn’t charge phones unless we drove somewhere; it was around 100 degrees and we didn’t even have fans inside our sweltering cabins at night; if you wanted to use the toilet you had to lug water up from the lake or the well to flush; the fridge was defrosting so we had to eat all of our food and drink all the beer while it was still cold (terrible I know); and finally we had no flashlights besides our cellphones, provided they hadn’t died, or tiny keychain ones to navigate once the sun went down.

We went without power for two days, it finally came back on at 8 pm Thursday night.  Washburn, Ashland, and Bayfield had their power back on within the first day.  We entertained ourselves with books, swimming, and trips to places with A/C.  Basically it was a funny and pathetic two days for all of us.  I never realized how important electricity really is, I mean what if it had been out for the whole rest of the week?  I’m so thankful that none of us were hurt and that I am now back in my home where there is WiFi and A/C. Basically I have surmised that I would never survive any sort of post-apocalypic runescape situation, nor do I understand why anyone enjoys camping.  If I wanted to go long periods with a shower I would go back to middle school.


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