Saba’s Survival Guide to Styling Hats

You’ve been there, I know you have, drooling over an Instagram picture of a person who just looks so good you can’t even handle it.  I can tell you the first person who did that for me, her name is Luanna Perez, she runs the fashion blog Le Happy by Lua What made her stand out was a combination of fiery red hair that I could only achieve in my wildest dreams, and her penchant for rocking hats.  She was one of the first people I saw who regularly wore a variety of hats, and she became an inspiration

I have had so many people come up to me and compliment my styling of hats, only for them to immediately say they could never wear one themselves.  This is absolutely crazy!  Hats are the easiest accessory to give any outfit a new vibe.  So today I will be breaking down hat wearing into a few different categories, give tips, tricks, and pictures so you can go out and rule the world!

Wide Brimmed Hats

Processed with VSCO with lv01 presetThe most intimidating of the hats to many, I know.  But having one or twelve of these in your wardrobe is an easy way to amp up your look.  The trick to these hats is finding one that fits well.  I have hats from when I had shorter hair that no longer fit because my hair is thicker now and it doesn’t sit where I want it to on my head.  The biggest reason people are nervous to wear hats is because they didn’t find one that fit properly.  Find a millinery and try on a variety of styles:  Different colors, shapes, materials, sturdiness, and brim sizes.  If it’s your first hat go for colors that work with more looks such as black, dark brown, tan, navy blue, or army green.  Spending more money to get a well-made hat that you’ll actually wear is worth it, but not always for your first hair.  Try out Urban Outfitters, Target, Forever 21, or a thrift store if you’re nervous about dropping a lot of dough.  My advice is if you can imagine at least 5 outfits using the hat, it’s worth it.


Processed with VSCO with lv01 presetA beanie is a slouchie winter hat that is great if you want to look like you don’t give a fuck, all the damn time.  To have the best beanie, you want a hat that stays on your head while looking like it’s about to fall off the entire time.  I suggest trying them on before purchasing just to see how they sit, because I’ve bought hats that I wanted fit a certain way and instead they were too tight.  Literally any color can be bought, bright colors, pastel colors, dark colors, nerdy themes are worth purchasing. I recommend adding a few buttons, or finding one with a pom-pom on the end if you want something a bit different and want to make a statement when you spend most of the year wearing the same parka.


Processed with VSCO with lv01 presetA snapback is only acceptable if your hair works with it.  This is a hat that is definitely not for everyone all the time.  I know the first time I tried one on, my hair was short and I looked like I was auditioning to be the next member of One Direction.  I think it’s easier for certain hairstyles to work with a snapback, such as braids, ponytails, and low buns.  If you’re male, I’m pretty sure snapbacks look good on all of you, I don’t really understand this anomaly, but it’s a real thing.  Style your snapback with outfits reminiscent of the 90’s:  flannel, band t-shirts, ripped jeans, and combat boots.  Look like you walked off the set of a music video. Wear it forwards or backwards, just don’t wear it sideways, none of that.


I think this is an underrated hat because it has a stereotypical association to the French.  If done well, a beret can be a very unique accessory especially if you are lucky enough to find a vintage one.  I legitimately found a Raspberry Beret in a secondhand store and teared up and purchased it because I had to have it.  For berets it’s all about the fit and how you slouch it.  You can keep it farther forward, as pictured, or angle it similarly to a beanie.  Katie is an absolute master of berets and you can see that she matches hers to her outfit.  I would suggest starting out by matching until you’re comfortable enough to branch into other styles of beret.

Captain’s Hat or Newsboy Cap

Processed with VSCO with lv01 presetThis is tied for my number one favorite hat style.  There’s something retro and simple about this hat.  captain’s hats are essentially a newsboy cap without a brim that is as defined.  For a look like this sometimes the captain’s hat is much more dramatic if it’s vintage, such as the one I have, so it can make a look all on it’s own.  If you have a simpler one I would suggest throwing this style of hat on when you are wearing jeans and a comfy sweater, it ups the look to something more high fashion.  This is an option for someone who is tired of the same old snapback, because it provides a similar shape and fit, but comes off as less casual.


Do you feel more prepared?  The world of hats is so diverse and wonderful, there are so many other styles of hats I didn’t even get to touch on like flapper style, top hats, and pill box hats.  But these types are easy enough to find and style.  If you take the plunge and get yourself a hat, send your pictures my way, I’d love to see if my advice paid off.  Fall is a perfect time to get into hats because all of these will transition from warmer into colder weather, you’re welcome.  Go forth and be the stylish humans you were always destined to be.

Some Starter Hats:

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