They Call Me Sparkles








This dress has so many sparkles that I have decided to join them and become a sparkle.  But actually, this was my first time dressing up in a long time.  My lovely friend Natalie was in town from Minneapolis for some birthday shenanigans.  By shenanigans I mean nomming on some Ian’s pizza, drinking delicious Strawberry Moscow Mules, and enjoying the lovely fall weather.  The funniest part was I was wearing more layers than most people out on Saturday.  There were people running around in shorts and t-shirts.  I love Wisconsinites, you can tell who has lived here their whole lives based on how little they wear.

I went for these opaque black tights in case the evening got chillier.  I scooped up this pair about three years ago in Japan, and they are not sort of covered in holes. I would highly recommend you grab a pair for winter they are seriously great for keeping warm while wearing dresses and skirts in the middle of a frigid winter.  Yes, I am that person who wears shorts and skirts all year long, negative temperatures of not,  I will look hot, dammit.

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