Bats for Lashes








Halloween is never over for me.  This hoodie/dress thing is literally my new favorite piece.  I just run around like a small child when I’m wearing it and flap my fake wings because I’m an adult.  Since this thing is a bit, well, hella short.  I was forced to wear something underneath, I went with these Black Milk leggings because they are also velvet.  I think they go well together and the faux thigh high look of the leggings comes off looking like an extension of the top.

Also shout out to Mara for these shoes!  They are based on Jeffrey Campbell Litas, and I’ve had them for about five years.  They survived clubbing in Korea, drunken stumbles, and me running around like a child in a costume.  Do you need to have this look?  The top is still available and on super sale!  Get it on Dolls Kill.

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