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I am seriously on fire this week team! So many posts and so much love from you all. Bellbottoms are back and I’m in love.  These were a steal at Goodwill.  They’re Ralph Lauren and a forest green velvet.  These were $4 like, I’m in shock and awe.  I haven’t found a deal this good in a long time.  Only downside is that these trousers are so long that the only way I could walk while wearing them was to wear these fucking six inch boots I got in Korea.

This whole look has me channeling my inner 70s Diva.  I felt like I should have hopped off the bus to Woodstock blazed out of my mind.  I’m loving that bellbottoms are coming back in style and that velvet is the material of fall.  Yay for trends bringing weird combinations of clothing into my wardrobe!

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