Fringe Benefits







Catsuits for lyfe! Seriously the booty is poppin’ and with the leather jacket I didn’t need anything more than my mandible choker to make this look.  Quick shout out for this leather jacket.  Saint Vincent De Paul does a sale every year where all leather jackets and vests are 50% off.  I got my go-to leather jacket about four years ago and scooped up this darling piece this year.  I have been dying to get my hands on a fringe leather jacket, but the ones online run anywhere from $100-500 if you want real leather.  I’ve found that authentic leather jackets hold up so much better and with a bit of buffing look good as new.

So pro tip?  Have a Saint Vinny’s in your town, find out when their sale is, scoop up a jacket before they’re picked over!

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