Call Me Cuffed

Holiday playlists are overrated and if you work retail you’ve heard Mariah Carey so many times you know that all you want for Christmas is to slap a bitch.  So I made an even better playlist, an R&B Slow Jam haven for all you out there who have found a partner for cuffing season.  It was slow going there, but you found them. I suggest using this masterpiece to woo them into a day of sex instead of venturing out in the cold.  Light candles, eat food off each other, and stay naked all day.  All of these songs will make you happy you cuffed, sooner rather than later, so take advantage and show your partner some loving for the holidays.  Not cuffed yet? New Years Eve could be your chance, and this playlist, yeah this one, will help you get laid and cuffed.

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