Kid ‘N Play

I was trying to do a cool pose and he wouldn’t take the picture because he was laughing so hard are my lameness.  But I feel so 90s in this outfit that it kills me.  I feel like I should have been rapping and dancing like Kid ‘N Play.  The combination of a tacky windbreaker and mom jeans, I mean who doesn’t think of the 90s.  Also shoutout to snapbacks.  I’ve neglected mine since they aren’t as warm as my beanies, but this one was a gift from Mara when she went to Australia, thanks again!

What makes this outfit warm (haha) is that the jeans are actually lined with flannel so they’re super toasty.  I know crop-tops tend to not make one think of being warm, but the boots are patent leather so the snow and water just slides right off.  If you throw on some flannel this look would be even warmer.  Oh god, I should have tied a flannel around my waist, I’ve made a terrible mistake.

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