Holiday Party Hangover

This Friday I was the lovely Claire Miller’s date to her work holiday party.  And damn, if that party didn’t make me want to quit my job and join them.  They rented out a club, and had free booze and food.  Why am I dressed like this you may be asking?  It was a 90’s / Grafitti themed.  So basically I just picked out some things from my closet and made this look.  I went with a silk mini dress, red flannel, oversized denim jacket, and Dr Martens.  Very 90s, no? Thanks for letting me be your date Claire!  Had the best time.

Funny side note, I got really drunk because, open bars are my weakness.  I got home, walked in the door, and had to leave immediately to get to La Crosse for one of my best friends graduation.  I brushed my teeth, packed a bag, and just wore the outfit again the next day.  It transitioned pretty damn well.

Also shoutout to the fact that this outfits staples were all thrifted!

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