Katie and Kalia
Katie, Zennia, and Kalia

Congratulations!  So damn proud of you Katie.  I mean look how badass you look in this picture.  You were my rock as I suffered through college and I knew you would get through your last semester ever.  I can’t wait to see what your future has in store for you.

So Saturday I may have spent hungover, but Sunday was all about celebrating my old housemate’s graduation.  We sat patiently and yelled out, “Finally” when she walked across the stage because, friendship.  Thank you to her parents Kurt and Marge for buying our drinks and dinner as well, not like I need anymore alcohol.

My outfit was a dark blue velvet maxi dress which on the day of I had some Under Armour leggings underneath.  It was legitimately almost -30° F so walking outside was painfully cold.  The more layers you had on, the better.

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