Chicago Skyline

To get my mind off this long week, I snuck down to Chicago to visit my dear friend Sarah.  It was a much needed escape to say the least.  This was what I wore to the Shed Aquarium.  We got to see all the animals.  I tried to take some photos of the fishes and sharks and otters but they’re hard to capture in such a dark environment, you’re not supposed to use flash.  My favorite thing we saw… definitely this huge shark, it has what looks like a chain saw on the front of its face, it swam right across the front of the tank.

The funniest part of the day was that evening we watching Finding Dory, which takes place at an aquarium.  I felt so guilty for having been at the aquarium, but it was all good, we cried like small children.  Also, we had dinner at this Irish Pub where I had a freaking Apple Cider Sangria and my life has been changed forever.  I’ll recreate the recipe for you all later! I drank it too fast to snap a photo.  Thanks again Sarah for spending a wonderfully sunny day with me.

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