Virgin Thighs

Last day with virgin thighs!  This is the outfit I wore for my first thigh tattoo (if that wasn’t obvious).  The lovely photobombing pooch is Yumiko!  Thanks for making my photos extra dramatic my dear.

Since I was getting a thigh piece I opted for leaving my whole leg open because I knew that there would be blood and ink and trying to keep shorts pulled back is actually quite difficult.  My tattoo artist did appreciate my well prepared outfit.  When it gets warmer out I think I’ll bust this look out again.  There’s the photo of my bum which I almost didn’t post because I thought my butt looks a bit big and my cellulite is showing, and then I stopped myself.  Why preach to people to love themselves when I’m ashamed of something that makes me unique.  It’s a bit of fat, who gives a shit.  I love my butt.  Any haters can kiss my ass.

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