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First LookBook for March!  As I write this I am currently dying from my cold.  Got the aches, sniffles, and hacking cough.  So I’ve been laying low since Saturday.  This being said I went for a comfy and cute look that allowed my fresh ink to not be covered.  It’s peeling enough at this point that it keeps catching on the fuzz on the inside of my sweatpants, so I just go without any pants. I may be milking it a bit but pantless is the only time we’re ever truly happy.

When you’re feeling as blah as I do, this look is the perfect savior.  It’s warm, simple, and looks like you could walk a runway.  Oversized hoodies are the best because they’re so snuggly that you can put on sweats when you get home and it’s pajamas.  This hoodie has a simple zipper detail on one side which I seriously love.  I went for a cotton circle skirt, my trusted thigh highs, statement earrings, and a beanie.  Comfy chic is perfect for anyone who is ill but wants to pretend they’re not.  What are your go-to sick person outfits?

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