This Counts as Warm

I’m literally the worst at dressing for the weather.  I mean, I just want to wear what I want to wear.  When it’s summer I have sweaters I want to bust out, and when it’s winter I have shorts that look ever so appealing.  This being said, this outfit falls in that category.  I couldn’t wear pants yet because of my thigh tattoo, and was recovering from my illness, meaning I was still super warm even though it was freezing out. My genius solution?  Layer two dresses, wear some socks, throw on a flannel, and a hat, and we’re good to go!

Update on how that went down:  I was almost warm.  I mean, this would have not worked if not for the fact that I still had a slight fever which kept me warm.  My legs were frigid when the wind hit because my socks kept falling down.  I looked good for a bit, but the rest was me awkwardly readjusting the dresses that didn’t enjoy being layered and the socks that wanted to be by my ankles.  Fashion is definitely a lot of adjustments an pretending it always looks this good.

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