Business Casual Lingerie

Why yes, I am wearing lingerie.  You’ve seen me sporting my bustier before, but this is a full romper.  I loved the lace details on it, and got it from Goodwill. I realized with a cleverly placed high-waisted pair of bottoms this becomes a rather unique top.  I went for a more covering bralette since I wanted this to be more appropriate for a workplace.

Since the denim is so oversized as is the blazer, it’s important to balance that out with smaller and tighter items so you’re not drowning in cloth.  I opted for these adorable t-strap sandals from ModCloth and the lingerie top.  To add more dimension you can add a belt or statement earrings.  I dislike belts so I just went for some bright earrings with purple to compliment my lipstick and top.  Subtle details make simple outfits unique, never think that something isn’t worth adding to an outfit.

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