Hairless, Not Heartless

Guess it’s about time to debut my sad waxed legs for you all.  They look so strange, don’t they?  I was so used to my furry friends and I feel like I betrayed them by killing them.  They’re so itchy right now I just want to rip my skin off.

So to the look.  I’m bringing back the all white look with this stunning bell sleeved top from Ethnic, a shop in Pakistan.  Since the top was so dramatic with the pink embroidery, pom pom sleeve details, and tassled strings, I opted for neutral bottoms.  This brings the focus to the details on the top rather than any other piece of the look.  On the lips I have some Gerard Cosmetics in Hydra.  Super into this almost black violet shade.

When wearing all white, the accents of color can be simple.  The blue in my sunnies, the black of my hat, and the purple on my lips give an ombre effect where the dark fades into the light.  It’s a fun way to make a dynamic look with a minimal color pallet.

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