Peak-A-Boo Tattoo

I’m obsessed with this dress that I got almost two years ago and am just getting around to wearing.  I wish I had worn it more though because it’s fantastic. Only real downside is that the tulle is super sheer so if I go out I’d want a pair of shorts underneath and that bustier portion is meant for someone with no tits at all so it’s like being suctioned in.

I bought this dress for the soul purpose of showing off my then, rather new chest piece.  it literally has a perfect circle that allows almost the entire thing to be seen without having to wear a crop top.  This dress if originally from UNIF clothing, but is no longer available. I’m not usually into leopard print, but this dress was cool enough to get away with it.  I went for towering Litas for the shoe to keep with the black theme, spiked necklace and matching earrings for accesories, and a black bandana to keep my funky hair styled.  I have no explanation for what I’d call this style, but I’m a fan and will be attempting to improve on it.

What do you think?  Do you like this dress as much as I do?

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