Stop Stressing Meowt

My lazy day off outfit, even if I don’t get more than a day off a week. I love how extra soft this outfit is. The shorts are thrifted and elastic, the top is one of those super soft cotton tops, and the hat is to keep the sun off my face. I decided to keep it extra simple with sunnies to keep from squinting, and some statement earrings.  This top was actually a present from my mom and I couldn’t help busting it out, it’s in honor of Slag as her grand-kitten.  I didn’t even bother with shoes because my tan lines are hilarious enough already and I’m trying to fade them.

Also I bleached my hair so doesn’t the color look like flames?  I’m super into it!  I’m debating whether or not to leave it like this, or bleach everything.  Suggestions?

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