Lilac Monster

This dress is the comfiest damn thing in existence.  I was feeling extra purple, as the title of this LookBook gives away, because I had just purchased some lilac liquid eyeliner.  The only item I wish I had added in would have been some purple highlight on my cheeks!  That would have been perfect.  But anyway, on to the look.

Since the dress is simple and I wanted the look to be light and easily recreated, I added a long crystal necklace to give the eye something else to look at besides the waistband.  Then too add more accessories I went for a few bangles, a chunky silver cuff, long dangly earrings, and my purple hat.  My makeup is as purple as I could make it, with D’Lilac from LimeCrime, and Nyx’s Lilac liquid eyeliner. This is such a simple look that makes an easy dress much more fashionable.  I’m sure you have a stockpile of accessories in your life, use them!  Don’t be afraid, layer the shit out of them.  Have a single color outfit, I’d love to see it!  Tag me on Instagram.

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