Your Granny Bedazzled This Hat

So cute story, the romper I’m wearing was a gift from my childhood friends, Mara and Anna, they got it in Greece back when they were in high school I believe?  I can’t bear to part with it, and it still fits!  Maybe a bit tight on the bum, but it’s cute as ever.  I has small polka dots, a ruffle around the top, and large white buttons.  Super damn cute, and irreplaceable as far as I’m concerned.  I know they read this, so I hope you both know I still have it!

This look was based around this new hat I found at St. Vinny’s and it was totally bedazzled before I got it, and it’s amazing. I want to wear it forever, it’s a 90s kids wet dream.  I then decided to match the hat with my platform converse for balance.  The romper is unique so I threw on my studded jean jacket for fun and to add weight to my shoulders to balance out my ass.  Then for accessories I decided on a large pendant and large earrings to make everything in the look oversized.  Nothing matches, but the clashing is very systematic and all ends up working together because the white, silver, gold, and black are neutrals so the blue doesn’t end up being distracting.

Take fashion risks my friends.  Get that weird hat at Goodwill, it’ll be worth it.

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