Baby, You Are My Star

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This look is something I’m really feeling.  Everything just ended up balancing out so well.  I started with the base, which is this long sleeved star patterned dress, with a functional zipper.  I decided to continue on with the star and celestial theme because, why not just go for it?  I thus chose to rock my holographic witch boots with moons, and then my star hoop earrings.  When dresses are as simple as this one, it allows you to go a little crazy with everything else you’re wearing.  Thus I opted for a spiked necklace, my full sequined jacket, and my reflective Ray Ban’s.  They’re all dramtically different but share the same black, white, and silver color palette.  The sparkly blue lipstick of course adds a fun touch, while the sparkle adds to the celestial theme.

Do you have a patterned dress or top that you’ve created a full look with all inspired by the pattern?  I’d love to see them!  Make sure to tag me on Instagram with #psychedeliclover and @sabazaman

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