Blondes Have More Fun

I’ve finally done it!  I’m a blonde, and I’m beyond stoked.  I’ve wanted blonde hair forever, if you’ve ever met my oldest friend, Mara, I always wanted to have lovely blonde hair like her.  When I had long hair I dyed most of it, but the amount of time, and effort dyeing the entirety of my head blonde was very intimidating.  This look, which I’ll do a full post on this Sunday, took three rounds of bleach.

This look was meant to showcase this gorgeous new dress I purchased from HeroTime, the artwork is by none other than Lora Zombie.  If you remember from two weeks ago, I wore a top with art by her as well.  What’s cool about HeroTime is that they release for 48 hours only, and if you miss out, you can never get it again.  There’s new pieces with different pieces of her art, so you can get tons of her designs, this was from the Star Panda collection.

This dress is so colorful, I decided to keep everything simple since the dress is a huge statement piece.  I added my American flag Keds for more color, my KFroet Design earrings, and my Ray-Bans.  I went for a dark lip, I’m trying to learn how to do my make up to suit my new hair.  If you’re blonde, what tips do you have for doing make up to avoid being washed out?

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