Clashing Patterns, Patterns Clashing

When you want to go 90s, go 90s all the damn way.  I got these overalls for 50 cents and they’re amazing.  I had all these fun patterns and wanted to see how it looked when you mash them all together.  I think it turned out rather well.  I did a SpiderMan crop top, tropical leaves hat, cat print socks, and floral creepers.  When clashing lots of patterns, be mindful of how far you go, and add a muted town to break up all the activity.  The overalls were that muted town, which helped to keep the look from being a total eyesore.  The trick is to find a color to incorporate across the whole look.  In this case I chose red, it’s in my overalls, top, socks, and even my lipstick.  This brings some cohesion, giving it an organized chaos.

I’d recommend this look for a music festival, day out, running errands, going shopping, well, I guess for anything.  It’s a nice way to incorporate more than one fun piece in a look.

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