2017 Horror Movies That Are Worth The Watch

To say I am obsessed with horror movies feels a bit overdramatic, but I am a huge fan of them.  When I have time, horror movies tend to be the genre to which I drift towards the most.  The funniest thing is when I was younger I was literally traumatized by IT and it took me years to watch a horror movie without having nightmares.

If you are into horror films though, you learn that there are some fantastic ones, and some absolute garbage ones that were predictable, poorly acted, and wasted the better part of two hours.  Now I’m not talking about B Horror Movies, I’m talking about just plain bad movies.  So if you’re a fan of scary movies, but don’t know who to believe anymore, because believe me, I’ve read all the lists and been fooled by glowing reviews before.  I have put together a quick five movies I’ve seen this year that I’ve found scary, well-shot, well-acted, and just plain good.  I will not provide spoilers! Now below, in no particular order:

2017 Horror Movies That Are Worth The Watch

Get Out

I would hope at this point that many of you have seen this film.  It is racism filmed as a horror movie and it is done perfectly.  It had me glued to my seat and terrified to my core.  It was like having all of your worst nightmares as a POC projected onto the screen in front of you.  The cinematography is beautifully done, while the subtle racism is sprinkled throughout.  This is not for the faint of heart, and best watched alone, as watching in theaters resulted in white people laughing at parts of this film that are not funny if you’re white.

Synopsis:  A young black man is off to his white girlfriends parents secluded home in the woods to meet them.  Immediately the forced kindness falls away and reveals something far more sinister.

We Are Still Here

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.  Found this gem on Netflix and it did not disappoint.  The story may seem simple and cookie cutter, but the acting is top notch, and the special effects will leave you weak.  I was hesitant to watch this as it’s something I had scrolled past of multiple occasions due to the lameness of the title, but if you want a bloody, crazy, and wonderful film, this is for you.

Synopsis:  An older couple loses their son and moves out of the city to a small house far out in the country.  It is secluded and quiet, but there are bumps in the night and shadows in the corners that make them think the house is haunted.  The wife is convinced that their son is haunting the house to communicate with them.  They invite up their deceased sons friend to do a seance, but this house and the spirits within, are not what they expected.

The Eyes of My Mother

This film is one I need to watch a second time, as right before the climatic finale, I had to leave to pick up my partner from work.  I think I would have enjoyed it more had the tension not been preemptively cut.  But anyway, this gem is completely in black and white, lacks almost any musical background, has barely any dialogue, and is partially in Portuguese.  I had seen a trailer for this film ages ago on Facebook, and remember getting chills, but the trailer was nothing like the movie.  I was disturbed, entranced, and left with a sense of utter hopelessness.

Synopsis:  A girl loses her mother horrifically at a young age and as she grows up living with her father, the trauma of the event manifests itself when her father dies as well.  A young woman now, raised without any maternal advice outside the thorough surgical knowledge instilled by her mom,

and the desire to follow the small words of wisdom her mother had given her as a girl.  But this wisdom is warped as she develops a surgical derangement from her loneliness and trauma.

They Look Like People

This movie is either a hit or a miss, and that’s okay.  I watched this on my day off and though I was distracted, it still drew my interest and I had to see what was going to happen next.  It’s a jarring film, with quick shots, mysterious omnipotent voices, and an impending war.  It’s not a typical horror movie by any means, and either you’ll come away happy, or pissed you watched it, but I’ll let you decide.

Synopsis:  A man believes the people around him are turning into demons, and as he is being warned of the coming war he must decided whether to save himself or save his only friend as well.  The clock is running out, a decision must be made, but he’s running out of people to trust.

Train to Busan

This movie was everything I wanted.  I wanted to see it when it came out in Korea but couldn’t find a subbed version to save my life.  When it appeared on Netflix recently I wanted to cry I was so excited.  I took one of my sick days and watched it and was delighted.  I have seen the craziest of zombie movies, but this one is by far in my Top 3.  I have always been a fan of Korean horror movies because they don’t follow a formula, you don’t know who will live, who will die, and there’s always so much to characters, they grow and mature as people are being slaughtered around them.  The build up is thoughtful and precise, and drags you with the story, unsure of what’s going to happen next.  I’m going to make another list of movies, if you all would like one, with Korean movies you need to watch.

Synopsis:  A work-obsessed father is taking the train from Seoul to Busan to get his daughter to his ex-wife for her birthday, as an apology for missing her recital.  Before they take off an injured woman makes it on the train.  Soon the plague is spreading from train car to train car, and there’s no way to get off, but when they find out what’s happening outside, do they want to get off the train at all?


This is my first time writing something like this and I would really like to know what you thought?  Is it something I should continue in the future, or should I stick to my classic Story Time Sunday pieces.  I watch a ton of movies and have recommendations out the wazoo, but I’m always happy to share.  Please let me know in the comments below!

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