Flying Tomato

Today’s guest photographer:  My mama.  It’s funny how you get into a groove with your regular photographer, like you don’t have to think, just pose.  What do you think?  She did a pretty great job!  It was super windy while we were shooting so it gave this kimono really great motion which I love.  Sometimes the conditions for shooting aren’t ideal, but just run with it, try to get some fun shots.

Funny story about this look.  I purchased this dress at St Vinny’s after seeing it on an endcap, and giggled because the brand is calling Flying Tomato.  I am obsessed with the perfect clash  of designs and patterns.  The vibrant blue peonies lined with neon pink, I just love it so much.  Then about a week ago, my partner and our mama’s went on a shopping trip to St Vinny’s where I found this kimono, from, you guessed it!  Flying Tomato.  I have never heard of this brand until now, but can’t get over it.  In the case of crazy patterns and bright colors, the best thing to do is just rock it all and tone down the accessories.  That’s why I went for a simple Leo choker, a gift from my partners mom (Thanks so much!) and gold pendant earrings. The kimono and dress had complimentary colors, which are a must when matching such diverse patterns.  I think I’ve found a new brand to obsess over.

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