Don’t Be Shy, Show Some Thigh


Today’s guest photographer:  Kalia Lee.  Not an official photographer, but when I was first starting out she shot some of my earliest LookBooks.  Cute story:  When we were shooting this look there was one of those bars across the street that has all of the pedals so you drink and workout kind of thing.  While we were shooting the whole group of people watched, they must have been taking a quick break before continuing on.  As we were walking back one of the guys asked if we wanted a photo together.  I quick shouted that thanks, but I’m a blogger.  As we walked away I heard him say, “I knew it!”  We just sort of giggled and continued on.

Best compliment I got while wearing this: “You look like Rihanna.”  That’s a top-notch compliment by my standards.  It means you took a fashion risk, and succeeded.  This was a super fun look to rock because I got this dress but wanted to find a more casual way to wear it.  To avoid looking extra fancy, I toned down the look by breaking up the black with this thick woven belt, adding accents of brown into the earrings and my bracelet, which was a gift from my baby brother.  He scooped it up at an antique store in Prague, so it’s very special to me.  Sequins have this reputation of not being an everyday item, but as long as you keep the rest of your look grounded and subtle, you can rock sequins all day everyday.  Who wouldn’t feel like a rockstar in this?  You get to have sexy cleavage with mesh to keep your breasts from escaping, and the mother of all slits to show off that toned ass leg.  I’m going to do a series on how to wear fancy clothes casually because I know we all have those dresses we love, but just can’t wear because it’s “too dressed up.”  But don’t worry, I got you.


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