Glam Doll

Today’s guest photographer:  Natalie Strait.  She was showing me around her place in Minneapolis and suggested shooting in front of this mural.  The colors were perfect!  I wish I lived someplace with more interesting murals, or locations.  I feel that a different location can give much more unique shot opportunities.  Guess I’ll just have to travel more, right?

Downside of this tulle skirt; if you wear a backpack the liner gets pulled up around you bum.  It happened to me at the hardware show, I was wearing a bodysuit so I didn’t care, but that would really suck for anyone not wearing one.  I opted for something simple and comfy with my Black Milk Clothing bodysuit, which is no longer available, and my baby pink tulle skirt.  For accessories I wanted to rock some new pieces.  These earrings were a gift from my partner and are absolutely gorgeous, I love the shape and small stone in the middle.  This necklace was an early birthday gift from Claire, from a jewelry maker we met at Pitchfork.  Her name is Janna and she makes the dopest metal pieces, check out her website here.  Sometimes when it’s hot, you gotta rock great jewelry and simple sunnies. What cool jewelry have you been rocking this summer?

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