Lady in Red

Who says you can’t mix swimsuits with lingerie and have a killer look?  Yes, you read that correctly.  The top is a piece of lingerie I’m quite fond of, and the bottoms are from a swimsuit set, where in all honesty, I can’t find the top.  Do you have that problem as well?  Where you own far too much black and when it comes time to find that one black piece of clothing it’s takes an hour to find it?

But this look is quite bold, and I wanted it that way. I felt that wearing shorts as the bottoms is a look I’ve seen a lot before, so I wanted to mix it up with these spiked swimsuit bottoms, or the “spiky snatch” bottoms as my friend Sarah so lovingly named them.  I love this red lace dress, and it provides a delicate overlay to a super powerful outfit. In honor of Kat Von D, I opted to stick with the red theme and add in my Jeffrey Campbell Tardy’s, and my Ariana Grande lipstick to keep with the theme.  Also since I decided to match, rather than clash for once, my necklace and earrings were silver to match, well, the spiky snatch.

All in all I’m mega digging the sexiness of this look, that still makes me feel powerful. 10/10 would rock again.


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