Back to Black and White

Had a great time rocking this outfit to an impromptu concert where my friend’s band Labrador played. It was hella fun and I’m glad I went out.  There was a terrifying mansoon-looking hellscape outside that almost made me stay home, but I sucked it up and I’m so glad I did. I feel I haven’t given the small Madison music scene as much love.

I’ve been experimenting lately with new combinations of old pieces to see if they can give new-life to them.  The dress is the same one I wore to Pitchfork, and since it was quite warm out I opted for this thrifted button-down top. I knotted it in the center to accentuate my waist and my booty. I then went overboard with my current black and white theme and accessorized with black and white platforms, black choker, and black bandana. I’m super excited about how this turned out because though the patterns are different, the color helps to coordinate them. When beginning to wear clashing patterns, do it with identical color palettes to transition into this rather daring concept.

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