The Sex Disclaimer

I am a huge advocate for sex positivity and sex honesty. I believe that if you are mature enough to discuss sex, you are mature enough to be having sex. If you are uncomfortable even asking questions, you may not be ready. It can be awkward and a bit embarrassing, but that’s part of the fun. Sex isn’t just a regular activity, you are able to connect with a partner on a level you are unable to any other time, and experience pleasure that’ll make your toes curl.

I wrote a piece awhile back about having a successful fuck buddy. If you haven’t read it you can do so here. If you don’t want to read it, in short it describes when it is and isn’t appropriate to be fuck buddies with someone. Having casual sex with the same partner or multiple takes a level of understanding to say the very least. This piece I feel acts as a great addition.

In everyone’s life there is a time where you just want to have sex with a lot of different partners, and not be tied down. This is great, but also has it’s downfalls.  There’s a risk of bad sex, STI’s, stalkers, and a slew of other issues. These aren’t common, but they’re something you should be aware of. With sex comes risks, and that’s why you should go out of your way to be responsible and safe. Doing this doesn’t make you a slut or whore, it just makes you an adult.

Now I know that having sex with someone you don’t know well can be uncomfortable.  You don’t know their likes or dislikes sexually or if they want to have a relationship or just fuck. The likes and dislikes unfortunately are something I can’t tell you, but chatting a bit beforehand, or during is good to get what you want. Communication is key for any kind of sex forever and always. But, the other stuff I can help you with!

Introducing, The Sex Disclaimer.  This is a form that you can use in your own sexually adventurous life to prevent partners ruining purely sexual relationships.

This wonderful form will allow you to avoid sleeping with someone who is underage, sleeping with someone with a diagnosed STI without a condom, getting hot and heavy and realizing nobody has a form of protection, and so on. Feelings happen, but if you’re like me and want to avoid that whole conversation, this is perfect for you.

Meeting someone and deciding to hook up is normal, but hey, maybe they’re an extra tasty individual who you would like to see more of. It is important that they go back and answer the final question after you sexual encounter because it is common to not be sexually compatible with people. Even during the first time you know right away that it isn’t going to work. Things aren’t flowing and it’s just wrong.  Then they are able to answer no, and you can be done with each other.

I honestly want you all to try out this form and tell me if it works. I think that being able to establish boundaries before even having sex can help to protect you from dangerous situations.  I know people can lie about certain things, like STIs, but I like to think you have the capability to vet potential partners who aren’t liars and creeps. If you don’t feel safe with someone, don’t sleep with someone! Be safe ya pervs. You deserve to have all the no strings attached sex your genitals can handle.

Funny story, I initially created this post back in 2016 and never finished it. Talk about procrastination.  I sort of made it as a joke and then here we are today with a literal form.  What do you think? Should I add more questions, take some out?  I’d love to improve it to make it an actual form you all can use in your future sexploits.


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  1. This form is my new pickup line

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