My closet for the longest time was nothing but black, white, and grey colors. It has taken me the longest time to embrace the brightest prints I find. I found this tropical number at a Goodwill and really haven’t found a lot of occasions to wear it.  It’s not in my normal spectrum of style so this was quite the challenge.

With bold prints you don’t need much of anything else to make a look work. In this case I threw on my army jacket to add some warmth on breezier evenings. Then I went for these peach TopShop platforms for a muted shoe that went with the pinks of the flowers on my dress, and a corresponding lipstick. The belt is definitely a choice, I used it so I could connect my walkie talkie at work, but it looks just as good without it.  Belts can be a nice way to break up a bold repetitive pattern. What bold outfits have you worn lately? What did you do for styling? A jacket, cardigan, nothing at all?

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