Let’s Summon Demons

Spent my day off in Milwaukee at the Art Museum, and was not disappointed. I’ll post more photos later, but I wanted to throw in a few of my favorites here before then! If you haven’t been, I would highly recommend it. It has a diverse array of artwork from classics such as Monet, to modern artists including Georgia O’Keefe. Quick story about the first photo, the first time I went to the museum with my dad and brothers, we hated this series because it was stupid and someone just painted three canvases. So we took photos in front of them. When I went with my friend Zach, this was his favorite piece.  Funny how perspectives on art are so diverse.

Guest photographer for this series is Zach Olson, who is just starting out, so throw him so love on Instagram.  It’s fun to shoot in a quiet museum, allows for some unique shots, that aren’t ruined by people. This outfit was designed specifically because I just received this ringer shirt in the mail and wanted to style it. It was fucking hot so I opted for some fishnet tights and shorts. Topping the look off with my platform Converse, wide brimmed hat, cross earrings, and Ray Bans. I actually also matched my eyeshadow to my shirt, using yellow and red! This shirt got so much attention, and you can get yours here.  When it’s hot, you just have to wear your confidence rather than a ton of clothing.


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