Polka Dot Peplum

Finding work looks can be really challenging.  You want it to be a balance between professional and your own style.  Some environments are much stricter than others in terms of acceptability.  Especially when it comes to having visible tattoos and colored hair. I have been very lucky to have jobs that allow both of those.

This look was because I wanted to wear these funky harem pants in a more professional way.  Since they’re black and white, I kept in that palette and added a polka dot peplum top. The patterns clash, but also work because the top is simpler.  Then I added a black cropped sweater for warmth, and to break up what would otherwise be an overpowering amount of pattern. I then finished the look with my statement gold jawbone collar.  Since the look was muted, the necklace was able to be dramatic without being too much.

The takeaway from this look is that harem pants are totally work appropriate.

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