Gloomy Days Ahead


The winter absolutely kills me. I have depression, and when the sunshine is gone I also get SAD, or Seasonal Affectedness Disorder. People think it’s crazy, but living in Wisconsin has a serious effect on your mood and the moods of the people around you. I am not looking forward to this time of year, but I think that if I keep working hard and forcing myself to be happy, it will help.  Last year I was home in bed a lot which only made it worse.

This dress you have seen before, and I’m bringing it back and restyling it for these cold months.  I decided to put a cropped button down below it to give my arms some coverage, and I went for my Dr Marten’s instead of Keds. If it was really chilly a pair of leggings or warm tights can easily be added as well.  I find that summer maxi dresses are the easiest piece to transition into fall in winter with the simple addition of either long sleeves, or jackets and blazers.  Not only does it give the dress a more season appropriate edge, but it also keeps you warm, which is essential if you live in colder climates.  So don’t let these dark days get you down! Bust back out your summer dresses for some bright colors and style them for the colder months, I guarantee you’ll feel happier in bright colors and cute prints.


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