Holographic Babe

I’m back!  I missed you all.  This month has had lots of ups and downs, and I want to keep my posting more consistent.  Also I have a new photographer, meet Claire Miller, she has shot looks for me before, and she’s back for this week.  Check out her work here. I’m feeling a bit better and decided to start my time back with this dramatic look.  I decided that the only thing to do was to go holographic all over.

This look is centered around holographic and silver coloring.  To make this next level, I added this burnt velvet faux thigh high leggings from Black Milk Clothing.  From far away they look simple, making the overall look non-overwhelming.  At work I wear a lot of simple looks, so I love on weekends that I can throw on more eccentric pieces. To top it off I threw on my trusty leather jacket to tone down the sparkle of the dress.  You last saw this dress paired with an army jacket, but this goes in a less casual, and more glam direction.  For the colder months, I enjoy cleaning out my closet and finding pieces I forgot I even had, trust me, it’s refreshing to add a new spin to forgotten clothing.

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