Let’s Recycle the Dead


After Thanksgiving Day and working Black Friday it is amazing how wasteful consumerism is. Food that doesn’t get eaten and has to be thrown away, people buying things they don’t need, or people being terrible to each other, it just doesn’t make sense. We go from a day of being thankful to a day of spending money on meaningless items.

Today I’ve decided to write about something that I find resourceful and I hope will inspire you to be better to the environment. People who take the dead and make it into art, I’m talking about taxidermy jewelry.The jewelers who design these pieces are using pieces of animals that would otherwise decay into nothing. I saw it for the first time a handful of years ago, and was so impressed. I have since been stalking the internet to find more people who get creative with dead body parts.

People tend to ask if the animal parts are from animals they killed, but normally it’s animals that they find on the side of the road and then remove the remainder of the flesh to use the bones. Or they save the feathers, beetle shells, antlers, and so on. I want to introduce you all to some amazing artists with some jewelry items that are a unique gift to give this holiday season. Not only will you be supporting artists, but it’ll be a sweet AF gift that they’ll get complimented on forever.

Pajaro Negro Shop by April Denise

I personally own two pieces from her, my bone choker and my beetle shell statement necklace.  She is a super sweet human who now sells exclusively through her Instagram page, check it out!



A Wisconsin based jeweler who makes ethically sourced taxidermy, and damn, I want everything.  I haven’t purchased anything from them yet, but I know I will be in the future. Give them some love!

Purgatory Playthings by Kaitland Axelrood

Based out of LA, another phenomenal artist.  I am debating which ones I want to purchase. You can even get tiny coffins for them to go in, and I want like a million of everything.

Savage Salvage by Stephanie Moreau

She has a lot of creative stuff that I haven’t seen before, and she has a 25% off sale going. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of exposure yet, so let’s give her some love.


A Berlin based artist who incorporates not only skulls, but dried flowers as well. Absolutely stunning pieces that have florals mixed with skulls and they’re beautiful.  They remind me of perfect little paintings.


So there you have it! A few jewelers who create beauty from death. In a world of mass produced, cheap bullshit, let’s support artists who do something unique.

Also thank you all for bearing with me these last few weeks, trying to get back in the groove of things after a long absence.  I love you all, thanks for sticking with me.

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