Black Sheep Bazaar

This weekend, I apparently forgot about about three obligations I had, because I am the worst.  This being said, one of the obligations was the Black Sheep Bazaar, a craft fair for the alternative if you will.  It was freaking amazing, and I am glad I didn’t bring any cash with me or it would all have been gone.  They had a range of artwork, jewelry, clothing, and other items that you don’t normally get to see.  If you’re in the Madison area, you should like them on Facebook to get updates for next year.

With craziness at work with the holidays, and sickness and stress, I have been taking a step back from blogging.  I strive to provide my best content to you, and I didn’t feel that anything I wanted to write would be up to the standards I set for myself.  I’m hoping that this week I’ll finally be getting back to it, though slowly.

This outfit was my “I don’t get to wear any of this to work” outfit.  So I busted out my always appropriate skeleton dress from H&M, my thigh high tights, my double jackets, because double jackets are dope, and some dark as lipstick. Sometimes you just gotta slide into a tight little black dress and tell the world to go fuck itself. This holiday season, combat the horror of it with lots of black and overtly sexual outfits.  It’s totally worth it.

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