Wearing This Much Yellow Makes Me Uncomfortable

You know, I think an issue I face living in Wisconsin and having an addiction to thigh highs and mini skirts, is that I forget how cold it truly is outside. I will be fine leaving the house and getting to my destination, but getting BACK in the car and your thighs rub against the cold leather of the car seat is like getting a swift slap.

I think I purchased more yellow this past year than I ever have, and I worked really diligently to incorporate it in subtle and dramatic fashions. This look I really enjoy because the muted orange stripes don’t overpower the stunning color of this vintage Guess skirt. When rocking a bodysuit in the winter, the addition of the long sleeved shirt helped so that I wasn’t actually going to get hypothermia, and also enhanced the color palette.

If you want to play with layering bodysuits, I suggest going for one with a plunging neckline so allow for a perfect space to showcase your necklaces. I stayed in the yellow/gold theme and went for a chevron necklace, a hand necklace, and my matte gold hoops. I struggled to choose what hat to go with, because of course I immediately think of my wide brimmed hat, but my vintage raspberry beret won out, and I think it highlights not only my hair color, but brightens up the whole look.

What color have you been obsessing over that you weren’t shopping in years past?

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