Don’t Whitewash ‘The Craft’

First off, shout-out to my t-shirt twin Gabby. One day soon we’ll rock our matching witchy wear and drink too much wine. Second off, fuck The Craft reboot that is leaving out Rachel True. Stop being racist, you frustrating bastards. The film was great because of the dynamic of the four leading ladies.

This uniform is basically my go-to for fall and winter. Oversized tees and thigh high socks. I feel like the sexiest outfit is a woman in nothing but an oversized top, whether it’s a tee or a button down. Just so simple.

In this look it was warm enough out so I didn’t bother wearing tights along with my socks. I opted for my hand studded denim jacket, TUK platform boots, and bat earrings. If you want to do this outfit with our own twist, you can add a cardigan and flats for a more casual look, or a cropped sweater so it looks like a dress and a pair of thigh high boots! Use your t-shirt as a super comfortable mini dress, I suggest it for traveling specifically.

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