Ice Martini

Currently there is so much ice that everything is a skating rink. Kayden and I were driving around trying to find a place to shoot, and literally slid into a snow bank because there wasn’t salt on a particular hill. In these photos I’m legitimately standing on a sheet of ice that looks like snow.

I adore this velvet dress, it was from the Anthropologie during a super sale, so I got it for a steal. The cut is super low, and I don’t entirely enjoy rocking that in the winter. I added my new favorite t-shirt from The Indian Feminist, I like that the neckline frames the martini glass. They have clothing that embodies being Southeast Asian, and I love it. Support them if you can!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, to make your fancy dresses more casual layer! It’s easy and you already have too many t-shirts in your closet if you’re anything like me. I topped it off with my favorite Levi’s suede jacket for some warmth. I wanted to do a lighter make-up look since I always go for dark colors. I did a yellow eye shadow and a peach lip. Much brighter than my preferred vampy look, but I love the way it turned out.

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