Ice Martini

Currently there is so much ice that everything is a skating rink. Kayden and I were driving around trying to find a place to shoot, and literally slid into a snow bank because there wasn’t salt on a particular hill. In these photos I’m legitimately standing on a sheet of ice that looks like snow. […]

Don’t Whitewash ‘The Craft’

First off, shout-out to my t-shirt twin Gabby. One day soon we’ll rock our matching witchy wear and drink too much wine. Second off, fuck The Craft reboot that is leaving out Rachel True. Stop being racist, you frustrating bastards. The film was great because of the dynamic of the four leading ladies. This uniform […]

A Fucking Ray of Sunshine

As today and tomorrow are Polar Vortex level cold here in Wisconsin, I legitimately couldn’t go to shoot outside. That being said, I had these photos stored on my phone from a brief photo session I did with Claire back when it was still warm out. So I’m hoping this obnoxious amount of yellow will […]

R-r-r-riot Gurl

Brrr, it’s cold as hell and my nipples could cut glass. But today I was feeling like the punk girl of my childhood dreams. Like, did you ever look at those cool adults as a kid and wish you could afford to dress and look like them? Well this was how I wanted to look […]

Love You Queerly

Oh mannnnn, first LookBook and I’m back and shooting in my hotel bathroom. I was legitimately running around the beautiful Minneapolis Art Institute, and only shot a handful of selfies (which you can find on my Instagram). My photographer? Kayden, my friend and love of my life. He was lovely enough to guerilla shoot from […]

Black Sheep Bazaar

This weekend, I apparently forgot about about three obligations I had, because I am the worst.  This being said, one of the obligations was the Black Sheep Bazaar, a craft fair for the alternative if you will.  It was freaking amazing, and I am glad I didn’t bring any cash with me or it would […]

Fire and Ice

So my friends work for Zendesk, and I am lucky enough to be their plus one to their annual holiday party.  You may think I’m exaggerating when I say this is the best fucking party I’ve ever been too, but I am not.  This year they rented out the entire Orpheum Theater to commit to […]

Solder & Sage

I’m feeling so consistent, look at me go! I think I’ve been digging in the bottom drawer of my dresser lately, because I haven’t used this dress in a look since last year!  This is still one of the best velvet dresses I own from St Vinny’s no less. I wanted to dress this velvet […]

Holographic Babe

I’m back!  I missed you all.  This month has had lots of ups and downs, and I want to keep my posting more consistent.  Also I have a new photographer, meet Claire Miller, she has shot looks for me before, and she’s back for this week.  Check out her work here. I’m feeling a bit […]