Teenage Dreams Make Me Squeam

I watch what can only be described as, a fuckton of horror movies. Most everything I watch generally falls within the horror genre whether it’s a television show, movie, or even the podcasts I listen to. But there is only so much terrifying content a person can consume before you need to balance it out. […]

Ladies! and Kayden

I was applying to some jobs earlier this week, and man am I exhausted.  It takes a lot of energy to sort through the thousands of potential jobs, draft a new cover letter, edit your resume, and get everything logical enough to submit.  Then, a bright sunbeam of a human slipped into my DMs in […]

New Year, Kill Me

It has been over a year since posting, and honestly I missed this. This was a project I was passionate about and it all just fell to the wayside. The start of 2018 was a very rough break up from an abusive partner, and then the year just spiraled out of control. I was working […]

Tinder: The Sex Menu

I won’t lie to you, I’ve used Tinder, and I liked it.  Met some great and interesting people on there, and some fucking pervy weirdos who I’d never give the time of day.  Yet, for any bad experience I had with the app, overall I wouldn’t take it back.  I was one of the many […]