Teenage Dreams Make Me Squeam

I watch what can only be described as, a fuckton of horror movies. Most everything I watch generally falls within the horror genre whether it’s a television show, movie, or even the podcasts I listen to. But there is only so much terrifying content a person can consume before you need to balance it out. […]

Ladies! and Kayden

I was applying to some jobs earlier this week, and man am I exhausted.  It takes a lot of energy to sort through the thousands of potential jobs, draft a new cover letter, edit your resume, and get everything logical enough to submit.  Then, a bright sunbeam of a human slipped into my DMs in […]

New Year, Kill Me

It has been over a year since posting, and honestly I missed this. This was a project I was passionate about and it all just fell to the wayside. The start of 2018 was a very rough break up from an abusive partner, and then the year just spiraled out of control. I was working […]

The Break Up

It’s about to be a new year, and because of that I need to get this off my chest.  I broke up with my partner back in November, and I’ve been doing my best to heal and move forward.  I wrote this piece the day he moved out, and I want to share it.  One, […]

Let’s Recycle the Dead

  After Thanksgiving Day and working Black Friday it is amazing how wasteful consumerism is. Food that doesn’t get eaten and has to be thrown away, people buying things they don’t need, or people being terrible to each other, it just doesn’t make sense. We go from a day of being thankful to a day […]