The Nipple Aversion

The nipple aversion is such an anomaly to me. Men are able to be shirtless in public with breasts the size of mine, and no one will say anything, but a topless woman results in catcalls and scorn. I’ve written on this before, but I had an incident that brought this to the forefront of […]

Milwaukee Art Museum

This week I was blessed with having a Wednesday off, a rare thing indeed. To say I am slightly obsessed with art museums is an understatement. When I went to Paris my favorite museum was actually Musee D’Orsay, a smaller museum located a little ways away. There is an entire floor just filled with Monet, […]

Kill Toxic Friendships with Fire

Friends and family are the only reason I’m alive today. I have a system of love and support who help me to achieve my dreams without ripping me down for trying to be me. But in opposition, there have been friends in my life who did the opposite, and tore me down, made me feel worthless, […]

The Sex Disclaimer

I am a huge advocate for sex positivity and sex honesty. I believe that if you are mature enough to discuss sex, you are mature enough to be having sex. If you are uncomfortable even asking questions, you may not be ready. It can be awkward and a bit embarrassing, but that’s part of the […]