Praise Da Booty

This dress is just the best and emphasizes the booty and curves in all the right ways.  Only downside is these pleather sleeves are actually impossible to roll up, so if you get warm, sucks.  This whole outfit made me feel like one of those girls that get their outfits snapped by street style photographers.  Sadly no photographers other than my housemate snapped pictures of me.  I’m quite disappointed I didn’t snap any proper booty pictures because there would be all of the “Praise Hands” emojis.  This was an important day because I branched out and tried to do the ombre lip trend, made me feel like I should be pouting constantly.  Also warning for ombre lips, don’t eat anything, takes so long to put the damn stuff back on.  If you’re interested I could make a tutorial about it.  Let me know in the comments below!

Blue Wide Brimmed Fedora Urban Outfitters:  Gift from Anna

Skunk Mandible Collar Necklace:  Pitchfork Music Festival (I need to remember her information!)

Pleather Armed Dress:  SheInside

Wellies:  Germany

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