Remember that One Time, When I was Haunted?

I want to tell you all, first and foremost, that I used to be one of the hugest skeptics you would ever meet.  I devoured horror movies like candy, giggling at the nonsensical demons and bad guys that flooded my screen.  This is a true account of the time that I was legitimately haunted in my dorm room my sophomore year of college.

Katie and I lived together in Wentz Hall, the most haunted dormitory on UW La Crosse’s campus, goodie me.  Katie has an affinity with spirits, I had heard many of her stories of encounters with ghosts and demons.  I wanted to believe them, but one can’t help but be skeptical when your only exposure to the supernatural is the show Supernatural.  Maybe I’ll do an interview with her later and write a blog post about it.

This first part is from Katie’s perspective, as I don’t remember when it initially started.

It started the first week we moved in.  At first it was just a large shadowy figure standing in between our two beds, but then it started getting closer and closer.  Eventually it started sitting on the end of my bed.  It didn’t seem to want anything, it was rather just this looming figure that hung out in our room.  You may blame me for this one, but one morning I yelled at it, telling it that it could fuck with me as much as it wanted, but that it had to leave my roommate alone, aka Saba.  It hadn’t done or tried anything at this point but Katie knew that ghosts and supernatural things really creep me out, so it’s actually quite sweet that she’d do that for me.

Now let me quick intervene in saying that I only just learned about this conversation with the thing while getting her side of the story, which makes the climax of the haunting even scarier.

My experience started with a feeling of dread.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and just knew that something was wrong.  My chest felt heavy and my heart was beating really quickly.  Being sleepy and a bit terrified, I figured I was just being paranoid.  I normally sleep through the night like a rock, so waking up means I really have to pee, and a dark room is always a bit freaky.

I slowly inch open my eyes and there’s something off.  Our dorm room was split in half, a bed on each side, with desks by our heads, and the door between our two closets.  The room was dark but it was weird, because right in front of the door it was darker.  It was as if a large shadow was standing in the middle of the room.  But that’s crazy, I’m sure it’s nothing.  I decide to nope the fuck out, cover my head with my blanket and go to sleep.  This wasn’t a super easy task, but I eventually was able to get a bit of sleep before my alarm blared.  I look over at Katie, and she also has her covers over her head, fuck.  Katie has one obvious sign that something scary is happening, and that’s when she puts her blankets over her head.  If Katie nopes the fuck out, then somthing is definitely wrong.

In the morning I decided to confront Katie, just to see if anything weird was going on.  I asked her if she had sensed anything off about the room.  Being the friend she is, she told me what had occurred earlier on, and I informed her that fucking shit, I’m not crazy?  There’s actually something in this room?  What chilled me to the bone though was when she told me, “Saba, it’s not native to Wentz, I don’t know what it is.”  Well awesome.

The timeline on this is a bit fuzzy in terms of timing, but I know that I woke up a few more times in the dead of night, only to see a dark figure looming at the foot of our beds.  As I began to gather my nerve I was able to see that this thing was fucking huge.  Our dorm ceiling was only about seven to eight feet high and this thing had to stoop over to fit inside.  I continued my routine of pretending I was a bear in hibernation and hiding under my bed covers to avoid it.  That’s when shit hit the fan.

Tune in next Sunday for the finale.

Remeber that One Time, When I was Haunted? Part 2

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