I Dyed my Armpit Hair, so you don’t have to

In recent months I have been flooded with pictures of girls with blue, pink, purple, and green armpit hair, and I had to join in!  I grew out my armpit hair in hopes of one day also dyeing it.  So this past weekend Claire helped me take the plunge.


Started out with my good ole black armpit hair.


Then we threw on a bit of bleach.  The tinfoil helps to make the bleach work faster.  We tried to use a small amount of the bleach so that we wouldn’t burn the skin around my armpit.  Unfortunately this proved to not work because it barely bleached any of the hair.  Not pictured is my armpit completely slathered in bleach, which proved to be quite a bit more effective.


This is my armpit hair after the super bleach.  It only took about an episode of Archer, so maybe 20 minutes or so to set in, then we did the dye!

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Silly me didn’t save pictures of my armpits smothered in pink dye, but Claire snapchatted them so I have this one sort of blurry one.  I left the pink on for around 40 minutes to try to have a darker color. After washing off the dye the pit hair was more of a pastel pink rather than a neon pink.  It was kind of funny, I went home and the dye was still all over my skin and my mom thought I had some sort of awful rash and had a brief panic attack.


Final product!  As you can see it didn’t work super well.  I think I’m going to throw another coat of dye on, but maybe for longer.  I was also contemplating trying out the hair chalk just to have more vibrant coloring.

Things I learned from this experience.  Bleach will not burn as badly if you use a less concetrated formula, resulting in fast results and no pain.  Your armpit skin will have a big stain for a day or two until you scrub off the dye, so be aware so you don’t schedule anything too important like your wedding or a job interview.  Also be careful to not wear anything you love, because the dye can get on the pits of your shirt, and your sheets and blankets if you’re not careful!

Would I recommend this to a friend?  Hell yeah!  I mean if you hate it you can just SHAVE ALL THE HAIR OFF.  Currently my armpit hair is blonde so it feels weird that it’s not as obvioius anymore. What I absolutely love about dyeing your armpit hair is it’s just for you.  It’s not some fucked up societal norm, it’s just a woman taking her body hair and owning it.

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  1. I love your post and totally agree with you.

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